The Geifman family’s present business, Geifman | First Equity, vaguely resembles the Quad-City grocery store chain that carried their name for generations.

Today, the company is run by father and son, Richard and Steve Geifman, who are the third and fourth generation, respectively. Involved from a distance are Richard’s sons, David and Jeff, who have their own careers in real estate and finance.

Geifman | First Equity operates over 75 commercial, industrial, and office rental spaces throughout the Iowa-Illinois Quad Cities area. In all, the company owns and/or manages 2 million square feet of commercial, industrial and office space, and farmland.

Steve, Jeffrey, Richard, and David
Left to Right: Steve, Jeff, Richard and David

In serving the needs of tenants – either through offering quality rental space or developing space as necessary to fit specific needs – our organization serves clients across a wide area.

We are a family-owned and operated company, started by George Geifman around 1921.

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